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Create screencasts to win a free copy of BB Flashback PRO

iDealExtension now have a partnership with Blueberry Software in order to offer discounts to our customers. We have created a contest! The user who sends the most screenshots/tutorials will WIN a free license of BB Flahsback PRO (a $199.00 value).

All users who submit at least one screencast will receive a 50% discount and all other users will receive a 25%;

Blueberry's BB Flashback Screen Recorder
Blueberry's BB Flashback Screen RecorderClick to watch
1:49 minute
Average: 5.00
Votes: 11
BB Flashback 3.0 Marketing video


  1. Each screencast will be given 1 point;
  2. Written tutorials will be given 1 point; At least one screencast is required in order to be eligible for the Free license of BB Flahsback PRO (a $199.00 value);
  3. Use Joomla 1.6 or 1.7;
  4. All tutorials and screencasts must be submitted before September 5, 2011;

Pre-recording checklist:

  1. Contact us and let us know which screencast you will work on, someone might already be working on that; You can suggest a screencast or choose from the list below.
  2. Create a written script of your screencast (in HTML), which may be included in the tutorial later. Some users rather read than watch screencasts;
  3. Test all your actions;
  4. A fresh Joomla install is preferred, but not required;
  5. Remove all unnecessary toolbars from your browser and plugins that may distract the viewer;
  6. Read these two external blog entries below might help you:
    1. 15 Handy Tips for Recording Engaging Screencasts
    2. 24 tips to make eye-catching screencasts

How to use BB FlashBack screen recorder
How to use BB FlashBack screen recorderClick to watch
5:18 minutes
Average: 4.52
Votes: 50
This screencast has no Audio


  1. Download the BB Flahsback PRO (30 day trial version);
  2. Install;
  3. All screencasts will be hosted at YouTube, therefore the preferred screencast resolution for HD videos are in the following 16:9 aspect ratio:
    1. 720p: 1280x720 (better);
    2. 480p:  854x480;
  4. Resize the browser so it fills the entire recording area (region);
  5. Remove all unnecessary toolbars from your browser;

How to Edit with BB Flash Back Pro Tutorial
How to Edit with BB Flash Back Pro TutorialClick to watch
10:17 minutes
Average: 4.72
Votes: 57
Tutorial on how to edit Screencasts with BB Flashback PRO. This tutorial was made using version 2.x, so it looks a bit different from the 3.0 version


  1. You can communicate your actions in three ways (at least one is required):
    1. Audio: You can record the audio while you capture the screen or voice over the screencast later;
    2. Balloons: Add text balloons to explain the current action;
    3. Mix; Use both Audio and balloons;
  2. Use the Zooming feature in order to be easier for the users to read and understand the the current action;
  3. Insert the Screencast introduction at the beginning of the file and the Credits at the end. Download from here.
  4. Save the file in the fbr format in case you are using BB Flashback, otherwise you can save directly in any file format supported by YouTube;
  5. Send the screencast to me for review:
    1. Share the file using DropBox; OR
    2. Send using the Support -> Contact Form; PHP uploads on this website are limited to 2Mb; OR
    3. If you have the support email address you can send by email (up to 20Mb);


Some Missing screencast/tutorials:

If you feel there is a need for a specific tutorial, please fell to suggest. Below are some missing screencasts for each extension;

Ajax Contact:

  1. Basic usage and configuration;
  2. advanced options overview;

Ajax Recommend:

  1. Basic usage and configuration;
  2. advanced options overview;

Contact Enhanced:

Contact enhanced have some written tutorials missing screencasts. Check them out at the documentation page.

  1. Plugins:
    1. CE Feedback plugin usage;
    2. Mailto2CE plugin usage;
    3. iSEKeywords plugin usage;
    4. iCaptha plugin usage;
  2. Features:
    1. New Search feature (Module available in the full version only);
    2. Templates and redirection for Joomla 1.6+;
    3. Component Options overview;
    4. Explain how the different menu items work;
  3. Custom Fields:
    1. Email;
    2. Multiple uploads;
    3. AcyMailing;
    4. GMaps Address;


  1. Editor Button + Content Plugin usage;
  2. Module Usage;
  3. Search Feature;
  4. Component Options overview;
  5. Explain how the different menu items work;




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