How can I change MooFAQ's Style (look and Feel)?

MooFAQ tries to inherit most of your template's style. It should look like you content items and have the same styling such as font-size, color and headings (h1, h2, h3, h4), blockquotes, pre-formated text, and so forth.

In order to customize MooFAQ Look and Feel all you have to do is edit the CSS [1] file and change the images [2];

Once you are done, if you want to share your customization with everyone send it to me and I can add to the existing templates;

[1] Joomla directory /components/com_moofaq/templates/default/css/panel.css
[2] Joomla directory /components/com_moofaq/templates/default/images/


In this CSS file you can change the panel styling, such as background, font (color, size, decoration,...), the arrow images, and so forth.

If you want to change the font size only for MooFAQ I advise you to change this file!
You can actually add properties or edit existing ones.  Let's say you want to decrease the font-size of the question, then you are going to add font-size:90%; to .pane-sliders .panel h3



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