Translating Contact Enhanced

If you are translating for Joomla 1.6 or newer we encourage you to start using Please read this article:

Translate Contact Enhanced Using Transifex


Contact Enhanced is already translated into some languages, if it is not translated into your language, you can translate it yourself and it is not hard to do. There are 2 language files to create to translate the component, one for the frontend, one for the backend.

These files have to be named following the convention (see a list with the most common COUNTRY-CODE):


For example: en-GB.com_contact_enhanced.ini for english, pt-BR.com_contact_enhanced.ini for Brazilian Portuguese.

They have to be placed in the folder corresponding to the language and the frontend/admin part, for example:

For english



For Brazilian Portuguese


Inside these files, you add translations following the convention:


ALIAS are the strings that are used in JTEXT::_ function in the component php files. For example, We use JTEXT::_('Team') to write 'Team'. To translate in Brazilian Portuguese in frontend, I would have to write this in the /language/pt-BR/pt-BR.com_contactenhanced.ini file:


Note that it is important that ALIAS is capitalize.

Be sure to save the file to UTF-8 format.

PLEASE NOTE that you will also have to translate the iCaptcha plugin if you intend to use it. Language file location:



Most Common Country Code:

 ar-DZ = Arabic (العربية)
 be-BY = Belarusian (BY)
 bg-BG = Български (България)
 bn-IN = Bengali (India)
 bs-BA = Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
 ca-ES = Catalan
 cs-CZ = Česky (Czech)
 da-DK = Danish (DK)
 de-AT = German (AT)
 de-CH = German (CH)
 de-DE = German (Germany)
 el-GR = Greek
 en-GB = English (United Kingdom)
 en-US = English (United States)
 eo-XX = Esperanto
 es-ES = Spanish (Español internacional)
 eu-ES = Basque (Euskara estandarra)
 fa-IR = Persian(پارسی)
 fi-FI = Finnish (Suomi)
 fr-FR = French (Fr)
 he-IL = Hebrew (Israel)
 hr-HR = Croatian
 hu-HU = Hungarian (formal)
 it-IT = Italian (Italy)
 ja-JP = Japanese (JP)
 ko-KR = Korean (Republic of Korea)
 lo-LA = Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
 lt-LT = Lithuanian
 lv-LV = Latvian
 mk-MK = Македонски (Macedonia)
 nb-NO = Norsk bokmål(Norway)
 nl-NL = Nederlands (NL-BE)
 pl-PL = Polish (Poland)
 pt-BR = Português(Brasil)
 pt-PT = Português(pt-PT)
 ro-RO = Română (România)
 ru-RU = Russian(RU)
 sd-PK = Sindhi(سنڌي)
 si-LK = Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
 sk-SK = Slovak (Slovak Republic)
 sq-AL = Shqip (Shqipni)
 sr-ME = Montenegrin
 sr-RS = Serbian
 sv-SE = Svenska (Sverige)
 sy-IQ = Syriac (sy-IQ)
 ta-LK = Tamil (Sri Lanka)
 th-TH = Thai(ภาษาไทย)
 tr-TR = Türkçe (Türkiye)
 uk-UA = Ukrainian (Ukraine)
 vi-VN = Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
 zh-CN = Simplified Chinese
 zh-TW = Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)



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