How can I add a sent confirmation message?

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As a strategy to enhance the User Experience 1 our Joomla extensions uses Joomla default messaging system. Most comercial and free Joomla templates have this capability. My template's message look like this:

  • Thank you for your e-mail.

If your template does not have this option, all you have to do is add a small piece of code to your template and a little css to your main css file (in case it does not have it).

Add the following code to your template where you want all system messages to be displayed, usually inside the same div that displays the content:

<jdoc:include type="message" />

If your CSS fiel doesn't already have this code you can add it, and customize it in order to match your template's style:

#system-message dt {font-weight:bold;}
#system-message dd {font-weight:bold;margin:0;text-indent:30px;}
#system-message dd ul {border-bottom:3px solid #84A7DB;
border-top:3px solid #84A7DB;
#system-message dt.message,
#system-message dt.error,
#system-message dt.notice {display:none;}
#system-message dd.error ul {background-color:#E6C0C0;
border-bottom:3px solid #DE7A7B;
border-top:3px solid #DE7A7B;color:#CC0000;}
#system-message dd.notice ul {
background:#EFE7B8 none repeat scroll 0 0;border-bottom:3px solid #F0DC7E;
border-top:3px solid #F0DC7E;color:#CC0000;}
#system-message dd.message ul{
background:#C3D2E5 url(../images/notice-info.png) no-repeat scroll 4px center;}
#system-message dd.notice ul{
background:#EFE7B8 url(../images/notice-note.png) no-repeat scroll 4px center;}
#system-message dd.error ul{
background:#E6C0C0 url(../images/notice-alert.png) no-repeat scroll 4px center;}
You can also add the following images to your template's image folder:


PLEASE NOTE that you can also set a Thank you Page, using HTML Template. Please watch the HTML Template screencast in this documentation.


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