Multi-step form for Contact Enhanced

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You can break a contact form into multiple pages. This will allow you to collect data in a contact form over multiple pages (steps) instead of all in one.



  1. Have watched the Custom Fields -> Basic Features screencast;


1. Select Components → Contact Enhanced → Form Fields from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! installation, then Select Form Pagination from the Field Type select list; In order to work, please make sure the First Field is the Pagination field type;

2. Choose a category for your Form Field, then Save the changes.

3. The first Pagination field must be the first field in the form.

4. Create another Pagination Field and Move the pagination form field created in between two fields you want separated into different pages. Repeat the process if more pages are needed.

Pagination Parameters

  • Next Button Label: If Next behavior is set to Button, then you can set a custom text for the Next button. Default: Next
The settings below will only take effect for the first Pagination Form Field
  • Next behavior: If set to button a button will be displayed at the end of the form, however if it is set to Radio all radio boxes on the form will act like a Next button When set to Radio button all pages (except the last one) is required to have a Radio Form Field type.
  • Show Progress bar: Whether or not to display a progress bar
  • Show Progress Bar text: Display either the current page and the number of pages or a percentage label
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