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Article not showing CE contacts and iStorelocator not working properly Module

6 months 4 days ago #24668 by cjsmiff
Hi Douglas,

I hope you are well. I have just tried to send a support email but it didn't allow me to enter any info about it so I'm posting here instead.

I have just upgraded from Joomla to 3.9.8 taking the route of upgrading from 3.5 to 3.65 to 3.7 to 3.9.0 and upgrading CE as I went. I now have a couple of problems I don't seem to be able to solve.

A CE contact does not show/load in an Article and iStorelocator doesn't seem to be showing any results or searchable in a Module.

You can see a demo page with both on here .

What am I doing wrong please?

Many thanks for your time.
Claire :-)

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6 months 4 days ago #24669 by support
Dear Claire,

In the Contact Form there's an "Ask a question privately" button which you have to click in order to be able to enter more details.

There are a few javascript errors on your website, which might be causing this issue with iStoreLocator. You can see the errors by pressing the F12 key on Google Chrome and reloading your page. By the call stack it seems to be related to this file below:

I suggest you contact your template developer in order to get this fixed.

PS: I also recommend getting an SSL certificate, so you can use HTTPS on your site which is Google Chrome requires n order to get the user's location.

Best regards,
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6 months 2 days ago #24675 by cjsmiff
Hi Douglas,

Many thanks for your reply. I have indeed contacted the template developer to fix the js issues, thank you.

However, I switched quickly to the Joomla default template Prostar which shows on Chrome with no js errors and the result is the same... neither the CE Form nor the iStorelocator load in an Article and the iStoreocator only half loads in a Custom Module. So, I'm not so sure that my problems are template related.

The demo link I sent in my initial post is an Article with the following in it:

{istorelocator height=|600| source=|com_contactenhanced| filter_contact_tags=|My Tag Name| }
{loadcontact id=|184| type=|embedded| form=|1| presentation_style=|plain| active_tab=|details| details=|0| show_misc=|0| show_misc_in_tab=|0| show_name=|0| show_position=|0| show_contact_image=|0| show_map=|0| }

Do you have any other suggestions please?

Many thanks again for your time :-)

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6 months 2 days ago #24676 by support
Dear Claire,

The iStoreLocator on your site most likely due to the JS errors and I don't think it is loading on Protostar template because it is set to load on a different module position not available in Protostar.
As for the Contact Enhanced Form module, I would need administrator access to your site, so I could take a closer look.
Can you please create a full backup and send the Login credentials using the Support -> Contact Form?

Best regards,

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6 months 1 hour ago #24677 by support
Dear Claire,

I have replied to you on Friday, however the email returned and was not delivered.

First of all, I would recommend you to upgrade to PHP 7.x as soon as possible. It is much faster than PHP5. Most Web Hosting Control Panels have the option that allows you to change the PHP version easily.

I've created a new article (the status is currently set to Archived), added the shortcode syntax and set to display the component only and it is working fine:
It works even better when using protostar because it loads Bootstrap's CSS code:

As for the Contact Page, I've changed to display the Form in the Component Options and now it is displaying correctly:

The Contact details, in this case, are not displaying because there are no contact details to show.

PS: If you wonder why everything is centered it is because your template is setting it everything to be centered. See screenshot .

Let me know if you have any further question.

Have a blessed weekend,

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