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New Italian audio files

2 months 2 weeks ago #26516 by ClaudioRomeo
Hello, Douglas.
Hoping that the problems with PHP 8 will be resolved soon, I am about to produce a complete set of Italian audio files.
I intend to pronounce each letter explicitly. For example:
  • A di Ancona (A as Ancona)
  • B di Bologna (B as Bologna)
  • C di Como (C as Como)
  • and so on.
However, I need you to summarise all the file specifications so that there are no problems with audio playback.
  • Total length of each file:
  • Bit rate:
  • Sample rate:
  • Type: mp3 o wave?
I'll manage all the files by Audacity, setting the proper audio template.
Please give me as much information as you think is important.
PS. I will produce two sets of files: one with a male voice and one with a female voice, so users can choose which one they prefer.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #26517 by support
Dear Claudio,

There's not a length limit, but the shorter the better because it will produce a shorter final audio captcha.
Bit rate: 176Kbps
Sample rate: 11025 Hz
Code Type: WAV
Channels: Mono

It's important that all files have the same bit rate, sample rate, and the number of channels (1). Otherwise, the audio button will not work properly.

For testing purposes, you can create only one character at a time and adjust the captcha plugin settings to use only that character.

PHP 8: I was not able to reproduce the error locally, but I'll work on it and I'll get back to you soon.

Best regards,

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2 months 2 weeks ago #26524 by ClaudioRomeo
Dear Douglas,
I reordered the new Italian set of audio files (with PLUS, MINUS, TIME and ERROR), but when I use it, the Play icon hangs.
In my opinion, I did not set correctly the options (I don't know how to adjust the bitrate in Audacity).
I attach the zip file containing the complete set: can you convert it so that these files work?
Since I'm going to record the MALE version as well, could you create a BASH script with correct parameters, so that I can convert the files by myself? I use Linux.
Anyway, thank you.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #26525 by support
Dear Claudio,

Thank you for the new Italian audio files. They played correctly for me and they are already using the correct Sample and Bit rates.
They are missing the Math audio files. If you are using Math challenges it won't work.

The Sample and Bit rates are already correct, so the instructions below are just for the record and other users in the future:

Using Linux there's no need to create a Bash script, just run this command in the Terminal after changing the directory (cd) to the directory where your audio files are.
mkdir new; for f in *.wav; do ffmpeg  -i "$f" -vn -b:a 8000 -ac 1 -ar 11025 "new/$(basename "$f" .wav).wav"; done

This command will create a /new directory with the files. You'll need the FFmpeg library installed.

Best regards,

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2 months 2 weeks ago #26526 by ClaudioRomeo
It's official: I'm stupid.
I sent you the wrong ZIP file...
I executed the command you showed me and it worked fine (but I had to launch it two or three times, because some files did not have been converted the first time - I don't know why).
Then I upload my converted files to my server and both Characters and Math challenge captcha are pronounced correctly.
I attach here my files.
I'm going to record the MALE version of Italian audio file.
I'm going to create a list of Italian word for Word list captcha as well.
My new file exceed the limitation of the forum. I will send it to your email.

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