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Navigate to the Form Fields Manager. To add a new Form Field, press the "New" icon in the toolbar. To edit an existing Form Field, click on the Form Field's Name or click the Form Field's checkbox and then click on the "Edit" icon in the toolbar.


This is where you can add a Form Field or edit an existing one. Contact Enhanced allows you to list Form Fields on your web site's contact forms. Contact Enhaced has the ability to allow you (site administrator) to assign custom fields to a contact category. Therefore you have to create a category before you create a custom field. Your users will be able to fill that custom field when they submit the form.



Form Field Details


Name Field

Name or Title for the custom field. This is the text that will be shown in the front-end as the field label;

HTML Output: <label for="cf_field_id">Field name</label>

Field Type

Field Type


For certain Field Types (Select list, Radio, Checkbox, Free Text, Number, Number Range) you have to setup the available options separated by pipe | . For example, on our support contact page you have to fill which browsers you have tested, in order to do that we selected the checkbox field type and typed the following content in the value box: Firefox|Internet Explorer|Opera|Google Chrome|Safari|Other. See table above for more examples.



Add a tooltip to be shown when the mouse is over the field's label (frontend).

  • Allows HTML tags
  • Max length:250 character



This advanced option makes Contact Enhanced even more powerfull! You can add styling and javascript code here. If you are an advanced user you can add, for example, a background-image to any field or a javascript onchange event to a selectlist;

Attibutes dummy examples:

  • style="background-color:#F0F0EE;border:1px dashed #9FD377"
  • onfocus="'3px solid #9FD377'"
  • onblur="'1px dashed #9FD377'"
  • onblur="if(this.value !=''){ alert(this.value);}"

Publishing Info



Whether or not Users can view this Form Field.


Image: Category

Select the Contact Enhanced Category for this Form Field from the drop-down list box. Note that you must have at least one Contact Enhanced Category defined before you can add a Form Field.


Image: Ordering

Indicates the order of this Form Field when display on the website . The default Order is to add the item to the end of the list. This Form Field will move to the position just after the Form Field selected from the drop-down list. Note that the Order of Form Field can also be changed in the Form Field Manager.


Image: Required

Indicates whether the user is required to fill this field in order to submit the form or not. Contact Enhanced uses jQuery Validator1 to validate the forms.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Save. Save it and return to the main screen of the Manager.

  • Apply. Save it, but stay in the same screen. If you have been working on a screen for a long time and don't want to risk losing your work, pressing Apply saves your work and lets you continue working. If, for example, you lost your Internet connection, your work will be saved up this point.

  • Close. Return to the previous screen without saving your work. If you press Close while adding a new item, this new item will not be created. If you were modifying an existing item, the modifications will not be saved.

  • Help. Opens this Help Screen.

Points to Watch

At least one Contact Enhanced Category must be added before adding the first Form Field.

1 jQuery is a JavaScript framework that's included with Joomla!

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