Ajax File Manager

Your Customer Service staff most likely reply to the same or similar questions very frequently, that's why we've implemented the Canned Answers, however it solved only part of the problem. Sometimes a support reply includes a file and uploading the same file multiple times can be tiring and time consuming. Therefore we've implemented a different attachment method. With our File link attachments in reply message feature your customer service staff will only have to upload the file once and add the link to the email. They can also add a link to an entire folder, which the user will download as a zip file.

How to use

In the Administrator area (also known as back-end), go to Components → Contact Enhanced  Recorded Messages, edit on a Message, then on the Reply button.

This feature includes a small but powerful Ajax File Manager, which allows you to upload and delete files, create and delete folders.

When you click on the 📎 Add link to attachment link, you will see the File Manager in a popover. From this small window you can:

When you delete a file or folder the links to these items will no longer work, therefore we recommend to plan ahead your file/folder structure. This is also one of the reasons there's no option to move and rename files and folders.

Important Information

The attachments folder is located at /administrator/components/com_contactenhanced/uploadedfiles/attachments and is protected by a hidden .htaccess file. Do not remove this file. 

The zip packages are created on the fly when the user clicks on the link to create a zip file. The zip file will be stored on your Joomla! /cache directory until the cache is cleared. If the the link to the zip file is clicked again Contact Enhanced will try to find the zip package in the cache directory, if the file exists it will download that file, otherwise it will create the zip package again.