Contact Enhanced has maps integration with Google Maps API (requires billing information) and with Leaflet to show a map based on the contact address. If you have a Contact Enhanced PRO subscription you can also use the Ideal Store Locator plugin, which has integration with Google Maps API only. 


Google Maps API Features Only:

Google Maps API requires a Key and Billing information

An API Key to use Google Maps API is required. Follow these steps to get an API key:

  1. Go to the Google Developers Console.
  2. Create or select a project.
  3. Click Continue to enable the API and any related services.
  4. On the Credentials page, get a Browser key (and set the API Credentials).
    Note: If you have an existing Browser key, you may use that key.
  5. To prevent quota theft, secure your API key following these best practices.
  6. Make sure to enable Google Places API Web Service, Google Maps Roads API, Google Maps JavaScript API , Google Maps Geocoding API , Google Maps Directions API , Google Maps Distance Matrix API , Google Maps Geolocation API ;
  7. Enable billing. See Usage Limits for more information.

Google Maps Platform

On May 2nd 2018 Google announced important changes, including a new name - Google Maps Platform, which they claim to be a simplified product structure, pay as you go pricing for all, and more. Please take a few minutes to review the announcement to familiarize yourself with the changes.

We would like to highlight a few Google Maps updates that may impact your implementation.  Beginning June 11th, Google is launching a new pricing plan and providing all users access to support. They’ll continue to offer a free tier — all developers will receive $200 of free monthly usage of core products. In addition,  this change will require you to enable billing and associate it with all of your Google Maps Platform projects.

How does this affect your current projects? Check on If you use Google Maps in our Extensions, you'll need to enable billing by June 11 for the Google Maps integrations to continue to work.


Example of Map using the Apple Maps Esque Custom Style from, Contact information as the balloon (Info Window) content and Latitude and Longitude of location;


Example of Map using the Subtle Grayscale Custom Style from and the Directions Search box inside the balloon (Info Window);


Example of Map Directions using the default Google Maps style;


Administrator Configuration: To access go to Components → Contact Enhanced and click on the Options button on the right;


Watch Screencast for Joomla 1.5: