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Contact Enhanced uses MooTools to validate the form, load the Maps and to perform effects and AJAX/JSON calls;

MooTools is the Joomla default javascript library, therefore most templates use MooTools for their fancy things such as menus and slideshows; Your template or other extensions (modules, plugins, components) shouldn't use another javascript library other than MooTools, however if it does use another library such as JQuery it might be incompatible with many MooTools based scripts; Some templates even remove MooTools calls from the output HTML, then no MooTools related scripts will work.

How to find out if your template is using jQuery:

JQuery can be used with MooTools, as long as the developer follows JQuery guidelines. You might want to suggest this feature to the template's developer:

Some users have reported that using a Plugin called jQuery Easy has helped them to solve the problem.

Always choose extensions that are 100% compatible with Joomla Framework;
Avoid JQuery in Joomla based websites, this way you will avoid incompatibilities and will load less javascript, therefore your website will load faster.