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Abandoned Forms

Unlock more leads by capturing partial entries from your forms. Easily follow up with interested leads and turn them into loyal customers. 

How many leads are you losing when visitors don’t finish your forms?

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How to Synchronize contacts and Joomla Users


When you add a "Create Contact" menu item for Contact Enhanced you can select whether your contacts are automatically registered as a Joomla user.



When you are creating a menu item using Joomla Menu options.

  • Click on "Contact Display Options".
  • The top option allows you to choose whether a user is automatically registered as a Joomla user when the contact form is saved.
  • No is the default option, set to Yes if you do want registration to take place.
  • Click Save and Close when done.

Then go to the Extension → Plugin Manager, Edit the User - CE Contact Creator plugin, and under the Advanced Tab set which fields you want to synchronize.


How to send emails to multiple recipients


Contact Fields

Sometimes your Contact Enhanced →Contact actually represents an entire department or user group, so you need to send emails to several email addresses when the Contact Form is submitted. Keep reading to find out how this can be done.


  1. Have set up at least one category, one contact;

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SalesForce Integration


With Contact Enhanced SalesForce integration you can capture contact information from users and automatically generate new leads in, enabling you to respond in real-time to customer requests.


  • All Form Fields Aliases must be the same as SalesForce's WebToLead field names;


1. Log in to, then click on [Your Name] Setup Customize Leads Web-to-Lead, then Click on Generate, find your OID and copy the value;

2. Select Components → Contact Enhanced → Contacts from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! installation; Then edit an existing contact or create a new one;

3. Under the Integrations tab set the "" to Yes and enter the OID you've copied from;

4. Make sure the Custom Field's Aliases matches SalesForce field's names, except for First Name and Last Name, which you must use the Name and Surname Custom Field types, which do not let you change the Alias;



Form Field Size


You can easily change the field size in any Custom Field (types: Text, Textarea, selectlist,...)


  1. Have watched the Custom Fields -> Basic Features screencast;

How to:

There are three ways to accomplish this:

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HTML anchor < a > tag is also very useful for creating bookmark links. HTML bookmark tag links help in linking the different parts of a single HTML document. HTML bookmark tag link navigates the web page to the targeted location of same or different web page. name attribute of HTML anchor <a> tag provides the feature of bookmark links. In Contact Enhanced there are the following bookmark tags:

<a name="sidebar" ></a>
<a name="map" ></a>
<a name="form" ></a>


You can navigate to this bookmark by using href="#form" in another HTML anchor <a> tag link, the code below works within the same Contact Enhanced page:

<a href="#form">Go to Contact Form</a>

If you want to open the bookmark of another web page then you have to specify the page name also. For example you want to add a link a link to the Contact Enhanced form inside a content Article, then you can add the target bookmark link to your content article as following:

<a href="/">
Go to Contact Form</a>

Changing the Style (look and Feel)

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Contact Enhanced (CE) tries to inherit most of your template's style. However if it does not fit your needs you can add a class to your css file; Follow these simple steps:

Read more: Changing the Style (look and Feel)

Google Spreadsheet Integration


{gdata id=|oI1w3djF0e4|} You can integrate Contact Enhanced with Google Docs -> Spreadsheets;


  1. Contact Enhanced 2.5 OR newer;
  2. Have configured the form and all the custom fields;
  3. A Google Account;

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How to display a hidden field when the user clicks on a specific checkbox OR radiobox?

Also, before you try to create something a bit more advanced you have to understand how Contact Enhanced works, therefore I suggest you to create a form and test most of it's features before you continue; Also, please take a look at the online documentation.

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How to remove User Info from output email?

Select Components → Contact Enhanced from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! then click the Parameters (Options) button and set Show user info to No;

HTML Field Attributes

Attributes provide additional information about HTML elements, this values can be used in the Custom Fields Attributes field.

  • HTML elements can have attributes
  • Attributes provide additional information about an element
  • Attributes are always specified in the start tag
  • Attributes come in name/value pairs like: name="value"

Read more: HTML Field Attributes

HTML Template System


HTML templates gives you great flexibility:

  • All sent emails can be delivered in HTML format;
  • Very customizable: You can choose which information to send;
  • You can have different templates for each contact, by changing the options in the Contact Edit page OR in the Menu Item options;
  • You can have separate templates for the Contact email and for the user copy;


  1. Have created a contact and a contact category; If you didn't get this far, please read the Cheat Sheet.
  2. In case you are configuring the "Edit Notification" email template you also need to have configured the Front-end editing feature. Please read the Front-end editing article.


Read more: HTML Template System

How to make required fields based on a radiobox selection?


Makes a field required based on a radio button selection.


  1. Have created a Radio Button Form Field with the options you need;
  2. Create a Javascript Form Field; 

Read more: How to make required fields based on a radiobox selection?

Setting up a Registration Form


You can configure Contact Enhanced to display a Registration Form, however please keep in mind that this is not the main purpose of Contact Enhanced, therefore the only Form Fields recorded on the User's database table are name, username, -mail and password.

This is something a few users ask for, but we do not encourage/recommend using Contact Enhanced as a registration form. There are many registrations extensions available for Joomla at JED.

Read more: Setting up a Registration Form

Translating Contact Enhanced

If you are translating for Joomla 1.6 or newer we encourage you to start using Please read this article:

Translate Contact Enhanced Using Transifex


Contact Enhanced is already translated into some languages, if it is not translated into your language, you can translate it yourself and it is not hard to do. There are 2 language files to create to translate the component, one for the frontend, one for the backend.

These files have to be named following the convention (see a list with the most common COUNTRY-CODE):


For example: en-GB.com_contact_enhanced.ini for english, pt-BR.com_contact_enhanced.ini for Brazilian Portuguese.

They have to be placed in the folder corresponding to the language and the frontend/admin part, for example:

Read more: Translating Contact Enhanced

Using Custom Redirect

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You can set each form a different Custom Redirect.

Select a contact from Components -> Contact Enhanced -> Contacts, then set Custom redirect under the Advanced Parameters slider;Joomla 1.5

Joomla 1.6 Select a contact from Components -> Contact Enhanced -> Contacts, then set Redirect under the Contact Form slider;

In the Custom Redirect  paramenter you have to write: index.php?option=com_content&view=article&task=view&id=0000, Change 0000 for the article id that can be found at article manager, or you can add any URL starting with http://

Please note that if you use an internal URL starting with index.php the Contact Enhanced will set a "Thank you note" in the System Message, however if you add an internal URL starting with http:// the System Message will not be set.

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