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HTML anchor < a > tag is also very useful for creating bookmark links. HTML bookmark tag links help in linking the different parts of a single HTML document. HTML bookmark tag link navigates the web page to the targeted location of same or different web page. name attribute of HTML anchor <a> tag provides the feature of bookmark links. In Contact Enhanced there are the following bookmark tags:

<a name="sidebar" ></a>
<a name="map" ></a>
<a name="form" ></a>


You can navigate to this bookmark by using href="#form" in another HTML anchor <a> tag link, the code below works within the same Contact Enhanced page:

<a href="#form">Go to Contact Form</a>

If you want to open the bookmark of another web page then you have to specify the page name also. For example you want to add a link a link to the Contact Enhanced form inside a content Article, then you can add the target bookmark link to your content article as following:

<a href="/http://yoursite.com/uri_to_the_contact_enhanced_contact_form#form">
Go to Contact Form</a>