The extension integrates with JCE (Joomla Content Editor) and allows you to create links to:


Installation instructions

  1. The Contact Enhanced - JCE Advanced Links is included for free in the Contact Enhanced PRO package inside the Bonus folder
  2. Go to Components -> JCE Administration -> Install Extensions. Use the "Browse" button to browse and find the plugin's ZIP file, then click on "Install Package".

Usage Instructions

  1. Select some text or an image in the article to create the link on;
  2. Click on the Link icon to open the Link dialog;
  3. If the selected item is a text selection the text will be editable in the Text field. If the selection is an element link an image, the Text field will be disabled with the label Element Selection;
  4. Find the contact you wish to link to, using the Link Browser and clicking on Contact Enhanced Contact;
  5. Enter a title for the link in the Title field;
  6. Set the Target, or how the link will open when clicked;
  7. Click Insert;