The Contact Enhanced Signature Pad plugin is a flexible plugin that allows you to easily add a signature pad to a Contact Enhanced form. The Signature Pad has two modes: TypeIt and DrawIt. In TypeIt mode the user’s signature is automatically generated as HTML text, styled with @font-face, from the input field where they type their name. In DrawIt mode the user is able to draw their signature on the canvas element.


Basic Usage

  1. Go to Extensions Plugin Manager;
  2. Either use the filter and enter or click on Contact Enhanced - Signature Pad from the Plugin Manager list;
  3. Enable the Plugin under Details;
  4. Configure the plugin as you wish to display in your Contact Enhanced Contact Form;
    • Choose the Position to load according to your needs. The default option is "Before Captcha" which will display at the end of your form, even if you don't have captcha enabled;
    • Under the Filtering Options you can choose which contacts to display this plugin;
    • Under the Advanced tab you can enter Intro and post text which will be displayed before and after the signature pad respectively. HTML is allowed. You can even add <script> tags;  For example:
      <p><strong>Signature date</strong>: <span class="sig-date"></span> </p>
      var d = new Date();
  5. Once the plugin is configured, go to Components → Contact Enhanced → Template and add {signature} to your template where you want to display the user's signature image;
    After Contact Enhanced version 3.7 you can customize the signature image in the email templates by using the style attribute, for example: {signature style=|width:300px| }