Contact Enhanced already gives you a lot of flexibility to display your Contact page with the Single Contact Form menu item, however sometimes you might need a greater flexibility and add CE Form inside an article or inside another component that is compatible with Content plugins.


  1. Have set up at least one category, one or more contacts;
  2. Enable the Content - Contact Enhanced Form plugin;
  3. Enable the Button - Contact Enhanced Form plugin;

How To Access

To create a new Recorded Messages Menu Item:


CE Editor Button Options

The Button - Contact Enhanced Form plugin helps you to add the correct syntax. When it is enabled you should see this button below the content editor, then click on it to open a modal window with the options (see image on the right). 

Choose the options you want , then under the Contacts tab select which Contact you want to display in the form;

If you do not want to enable the Editor Button, then you can manually enter the following syntax inside the Joomla article:
{loadcontact id=|ID| }

You just have to change the ID for your contact id;

You can also add the Map or display in a modal window and a few additional options, Contact details and Contact image, by using this code:

{loadcontact id=|ID| recipient=|| map=|before_form OR after_form| form=|yes OR no| show_contact_name=|0 OR 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5| details=|before_form OR after_form OR before_map OR after_map| image=|before_details OR after_details| presentation_style=|tabs OR sliders OR plain| active_tab=|details OR map OR form| type=|embedded OR modal| text=|Text to that will display when type is set to modal| modal_width=|800| modal_height=|500| modal_template=|protostar| fields=|alias=value&field_alias_2=Another value| }

Syntax explained:

If you enable the "Button - Contact Enhanced Form" Plugin in order to help add Contact Enhanced (CE) Form into an article. It will add a button below your WYSIWYG Editor.



If you are using Contact Enhanced for Joomla 1.5 you only have these options:

{loadcontact id=|ID| map=|before_form OR after_form|type=|embedded OR modal|text=|Text to that will display when type is set to modal|}

This screencast made by Dale covers the installation and usage of the Contact Enhanced plugin.