Mailto2CE is a System plugin for Contact Enhanced that will convert all mailto links like: <a href="">some text</a> to a link to Contact Enhanced form.

It will encode the email, so you will not have any problems with E-mail address harvesting* bots; This way you will avoid spams and keep your the emails addresses on your web page safe;

This plugin requires Contact Enhanced Component and it's already included in the Contact Enhanced Developer Subscription, so if you have the Developer's subscription there's no need to purchase it.


After regular installation, select Extensions → Plugin Manager from the drop-down menu on the Back-end of your Joomla! installation and select the System - Mailto2CE. The you can configure these 4 parameters illustrated below:

Mailto2CE Parameters


The link below is a mailto link transformed to a link to Contact Enhanced

Send me an email

* E-mail harvesting is the process of obtaining lists of e-mail addresses using various methods for use in bulk e-mail or other purposes usually grouped as spam.