Contact Enhanced Documentation


Option to allow an usergroup to edit a contact details without back-end (administrator) access. Only the user linked to a contact can edit the contact;


Contact Enhanced publishing infoUsage

The Configuration is done in two places:

1. Contact:

  • Select Components → Contact Enhanced → Contacts from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! 2.5 or newer installation, then edit the contact;
  • Link the contact to an user;
  • Save;

2. Component Options:

  • Select Components → Contact Enhanced: Options (button in the toolbar);
  • Under the Permissions tab set the user group (usually Registered) you want to allow edit it's own contact, see attached below;
  • Select the fields allowed to be changed via the front-end under the "Edit" tab;

Contact Enhanced Options


Log in in the front-end using a Registered user log in that is linked to the contact. Then below the Contact Name on the right side you will see an edit icon like the image on the right;

Keep in mind that Editors, Publishers, Managers, Administrators and Super Users by default have Edit access;

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