Cheat Sheet

iRecommend is very easy to set up, but because it has so many options it might bit a bit confusing for beginners, so we've created a cheatsheet* for the basic usage. Keep reading it!

  1. Installation:
    1. Purchase/license and download the latest version of iRecommend;
    2. Select Extensions Extension Manager from the drop-down menu of the Joomla! Administrator Panel. Then select the Install menu item in the Extension manager screen that appears. 
    3. Navigate to the package zip file, select and install as you would any other Joomla extension;
  2. Component Configuration:
    1. Go to Components iRecommend;
    2. Click on the Options Joomla 1.6+ / ParametersJoomla 1.5 button on the toolbar. You don't really need to do anything other than Save it, but keep in mind that it holds all default Component Configuration; Here you can change the Form and Email and ConfirmationTemplate;
  3. Menu Configuration (optional):
    1. This step is not required and most users actually do not want to, but you can create a menu item for this component.
    2. Go to Menus --> Menu Manager and select the Menu where you want the form to display.
    3. Select New button from the toolbar
    4. Menu Item Type: iRecommend --> Form;
    5. Give it a Menu Title and set Parent Item.
    6. Page Display Options: Set a Page Title and a heading;
    7. Select Save;
  4. Clean the Joomla and your browser's cache and go to your website and check it out.  It should be good to go, but you can also configure the plugins included in the package:
  5. iCaptcha Configuration:
    1. In the Component Configuration (item #2) set the Captcha option to "- None Selected -" is you want to use the iCaptcha plugin, OR choose another Joomla core plugin captcha;
    2. Go to Extensions --> Plugin Manager --> System - iCaptcha (make sure you select the one installed automatically with the component);
    3. Under  Plugin Options choose the Captcha library of your choice; SecurImage is the default library;
    4. Save changes;
  6. iRecommend Tab Plugin Configuration:
    1. iRecommend includes a vertical tab/button that can be displayed on the left/right of your website.
    2. To configure this button go to Extensions → Plugin Manager, then select "System - iRecommend Tab";
    3. Make changes as necessary and save the changes;
  7. Content - iRecommend Plugin Configuration:
    1. This plugin adds a link to all content items (bottom or top) with a link to the iRecommend form in a modal window;
    2. To configure this button go to Extensions → Plugin Manager, then select "Content - iRecommend";
    3. Make changes as necessary and save the changes;
  8. System - iRecommend Link Plugin Configuration:
    1. This plugin changes all Sysntax to a link to a iRecommend form in a modal window.;
    2. To configure this button go to Extensions → Plugin Manager, then select "System - iRecommend Link";
    3. Make changes as necessary and save the changes;

* A cheat sheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference;

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