Module: Be Involved! Site corner image

Displays an image in the website corner

This module allows you to help people to get involved with some campaigns, either donating to Joomla!, getting people to download Firefox or more importantly helping to extinguish Poverty (, giving food to the Hungry and stopping Global Warming. It's very simple and easy to configure the module and engage in one of the campaigns bellow.

The module is fully customizable (image, text and link). This way you not only can translate the text for each campaign OR you can promote your own campaign!

You can have one of the corner images pre-defined or make your own... corner image that comes in the module:

Joomla! 2.5 Native
Joomla! 3.x
. Support 

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{jatabs type="content"} [tab title="Campaigns"] 

[/tab] [tab title="Images"] 

Available corner images in the module:

facebook firefox greenpeace hopeUnlimited joomla komen makePovertyHistory nineMillion redCross redCross stopGlobalWarming theHungerSite twitter twitter twitter unicef wordpress



[/tab] [tab title="Throubleshoot"] 

Solving Problems

Problem reported:
I can't get the image to show all the way in the corner, instead it shows in the site content!


Open your template index.php file. in case you are using a JoomlArt template, then you have to edit another file instead: /plugins/system/jat3/base-themes/default/page/default.php

Right before the </body> tag you can add this:

 <jdoc:include type="modules" name="campaign" />

Then you must publish this module to the campaign position.


 [/tab] {/jatabs}

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