Feedback Tab for Contact Enhanced

Displays a tab on your site linking to a modal Contact Form
Compatibility:  Joomla! 2.5 Native
Joomla! 3.x
Suport Site

The CE Feedback is a plugin that adds a Feedback image to the side of your site and when clicked it loads a feedback form using Contact Enhanced to allows any website user to leave a comment on your site. It loads in a modal window using Joomla default's MooTools modal window (SqueezeBox), so if your customer have a question about a particular page he can submit a feedback form without ever leaving the page.

This plugin requires Contact Enhanced Component in order to work.

Other features:

  • Every feedback form can also record information about the client's browser, operating system, screen resolution and IP address;
  • No plugins like Flash or Java needed, no problem with popup blockers;
  • Unobtrusive behaviour, visitors with disabled JavaScript or old browsers can still be able to submit the form (in this case it will not load in a modal window);
  • Simple and intuitive behavior: loading-indicator, close button and changing icons describe possible interactions;
  • All Contact Enhanced Features like Custom Fields, GMaps & directions integration, HTML templates & emails, CAPTCHA, Campaign Monitor Newsletter integration and much more;


After regular installation, select Extensions → Plugin Manager from the drop-down menu on the Back-end of your Joomla! installation and select the System - Feedback plugin. The you can configure these parameters illustrated below:

Feedback Parameters

  • Select Contact: You have to select  which contact you want the plugin to load. This was implemented so you could customize your Feedback form any way you want. You might need to add this contact to a new category, so it can have it's own custom fields;
  • Image: The image you want to display. You can customize this by adding your own image to:
    [Path To Joomla 1.5]

    [Path To Joomla 1.6+]
  • Image:hover (active): The image to load onMouseOver.
  • Position: Whether to display on the right or left of your page;
  • Avoid Menu Items: If for some reason you want to hide CE Feedback from a page you can choose the correspondent menu items here;
  • Use template: Some templates are not ready for modal windows, in this case you can choose to load the modal window using another template. ja_purity is always a good choice;
  • Window Width: The width of the modal window (lightbox style);
  • Window Height: The modal window's height;
  • Link Height: Height of the link, usually the same as the image;
    If you upload your own image with different dimensions you might need to change the size of the link;
  • Link Width: Width of the link, usually the same as the image;
  • Distance from top: Distance from the top of the page in percentage. Enter numbers only;


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