Plugin: iSeKeywords

Highlights Search words used in Search Engines
Compatibility:Joomla! 2.5 Native
Joomla! 3.x
Suport Site

Probably most of your site visitors comes from search engine.  

Each keyword the user used in the Search Engine is highlighted, so your user will find what he is looking for faster. It also integrates with Contact Enhanced and adds all keywords in the email sent to the contact;

This module is capable of getting the keywords from the following Search Engines:

  1. Google;
  2. Bing;
  3. Yahoo;
  4. Atomz;
  5. MSN;
  6. AlltheWeb;
  7. LookSmart;
  8. Ask;
  9. Excite;
  10. Lycos,
  11. AOL;
  12. IWon;
  13. CometSystems;
  14. Hotbot;
  15. Overture;
  16. MetaCrawler;
  17. WebCrawler;
  18. Netscape;
  19. EarthLink;
  20. Viewpoint;
  21. Mama;
  22. Bellsouth;


After regular installation, select Extensions → Plugin Manager from the drop-down menu on the Back-end of your Joomla! installation and select the System - iSeKeywords. Then you can configure these parameters illustrated below:

  • : Displays a text explaining what it is and show all keywords;
  • Integrate with Contact Enhanced: Will record all data in a session variable in order to Integrate with Contact Enhanced Component;
  • Exclude from matching: Words separated by commas (,) to exclude from matching;
  • Enable Highlight: Will highlight all keywords. Disabling only makes sense if you only want to integrate with Contact Enhanced;


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