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With this new module we can display the contents of a category in a list layout. We can also display multiple categories.


  1. Have Contact Enhanced Component installed;
  2. Have created at least one category and one contact;


Install the module in the standard Joomla way ergo through the extension manager.

Okay. Now let's head to the module manager, select add a new module and choose the new CE Category module.

In the left hand pane title it and do all your standard Joomla positioning etc.

Now we will go onto the right hand pane which is where all the exciting new features live.

Select normal to configure the module to show based on parameters you choose yourself. Choose dynamic to have the module detect if it is on a category view page and display contacts accordingly.

I think the next option explains itself nicely in the tooltip. Do you want the dynamic module to display on the contact page or not?

Filtering Options

  1. Count:The number of contacts to display. 0 for all.
  2. Category Filtering Type: Inclusive to include the next selection or exclusive to exclude it.
  3. Category: Choose the category of your Contact Enhanced categories you wish to select.
  4. Child Category Contacts: Include or exclude the child categories of a category you selected above.
  5. Category Depth: How many child categories deep do you wish to go?
  1. Author Filtering Type: Select to include the author selected below or exclude them. Alternatively leave the Authors selection underneath on Select Authors if you wish to include/exclude all authors. The section underneath that, Author Alias, has the same options and does the same but applies to an author alias as opposed to an author themselves.
  1. Contact IDs to Exclude: One per line, add the ID of any contact/s you do not wish to be shown in the module.
  1. Date Filtering: Select off to retrieve contacts from all of time, well, at least as long as you’ve had contact enhanced installed. Select Date Range to specify a start and end date below and retrieve contacts from that date range. Or select Relative Date and enter an amount of days in the relative date field to retrieve only contacts from the last amount of days you entered.

Order your field by:

  1. Joomla Ordering
  2. Title
  3. ID
  4. Alias
  5. Created Date
  6. Modified Date
  7. Start Publishing Date
  8. Finished Publishing Date

then select underneath if you would to ascend or descend through your selection in the ordering style you chose.

Would you like your contacts to be grouped? If so choose a group from either:

  1. Year
  2. Month & Year
  3. Author
  4. Category

Then once again choose whether to ascend or descend through the contacts.

If your well versed in PHP you can add your own format for displaying the dates. Even if you’re not you can go to the link provided in Contact Enhanced (this one) to read up on it and have a go.

Display Options

The display options are similar to in the other contact enhanced modules wherein you can choose which information from your contacts you want to display for each contact in the module.

Once you’ve created contacts in Contact Enhanced chances are you will know what you want and want not to show. The list is very self explanatory, just select show or hide for each option you wish to hide/show.

As always the Advanced Options section is the same as all other Joomla modules, allowing you to add class suffixes etc.

I hope you’ve found this setup guide useful :)


Written by Tristan from

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