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Contact Enhanced can be set up to add contacts through the front-end; The Contact added will be linked to the current logged in username and only one contact is allowed to be created per font-end users, so if the user clicks on the Create Contact link twice he will get the edit contact form in the second time.


  1. Contact Enhanced 3.2+;
  2. Have created at least one Contact Enhanced Category;


Stage 1: Add a menu item in the back-end called "Create New Contact"

  1. Login to Joomla back-end;
  2. Navigate to menu to add new menu item - found under menu tab;
  3. Click "New";
  4. Add a Menu Title → "Create New Contact" or whatever is appropriate;
  5. Click on "Select";
  6. Select "Contact Enhanced";
  7. Select "Create Contact";
  8. Click on "Contact Display Options" tab and set as required (Global display options can be managed in the component options, found under Components/Contact Enhanced);
  9. Click Save and Close when done.

For this menu item to display you must set the menu to display in a position in your template via Extension/Module Manager and be set to display on selected pages.

Stage 2: Adding a contact through the front-end

  1. Go to the front-end;
  2. Click on your newly created menu item;
  3. This will open a new contact form in the front-end;
  4. Fill out the form as required and click save at the top.

To display a list of contacts in the front-end:

  1. Follow stage 1 to create a menu item but instead of selecting "Create Contact" select one of the contact listing options available;
  2. Click on the menu item in the front-end to display a list of contacts.
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