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Contact Enhanced for Joomla! 4.x has been completely rewritten in order to take advantage of all Joomla! 4 has to offer. We also changed some things around in order to make it easier for our users.

Canned Answers:

  • The Canned Answers or Canned Responses have been improved and made many changes, including the option to categorize them and they are now Multi-lingual. If you use a multi-lingual site, you'll probably need to make changes to your Canned Answers.

Form Fields:

  • The Tooltip mouse-over option has been removed in order to increase compatibility with touch-only devices. You can still display the tooltip above or below the form field.
  • AcyMailing Form Field support of version 5 was dropped. Please review the AcyMailing settings.
  • Constant Contact Form Field was removed.


  • Now you can set an unlimited number of Social Media links and the old social media feature was automatically converted to the new feature. No action is needed, but it's always good to review.
  • The Sales Force integration was moved to a new Salesforce Form Field.

Contact Enhanced HTML Email Templates:

  • The templates have been through a major refactoring and it might be necessary to reapply your template's customization after the upgrade. depending on your template customizations, you might just need to enable the legacy template.

Plugins transformed into Form Fields:

  • Some specific plugins were transformed into Form Fields. These plugins are Insightly, SharpSpring, and Signature Pad. If you use one of these you'll need to create a new Form Field to use them.

Dropped support for some features:

  • Plugins JComments and Dwoo are no longer supported.

Collect User Info:

  • Considering the law regarding privacy all over the world there was the need to include a Form Field to ask for user permission. The Option to collect user info was moved inside the new Form Field.
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