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Form Fields allows you to extend the functionality of Contact Enhanced.


  1. Have created one or more Contact Enhanced categories;

important Information

  1. You can add as many Form Fields as you'd like;
  2. The Name, Email, Subject and Recipient Form Field types have special behaviors;
  3. Every Form MUST have the Name and Email Form Field types; If you don't want to display them, then set the value and hide them;
  4. Read more information regarding the Form Fields in the Documentation Page.


Select Components → Contact Enhanced → Form Fields from the drop-down menu of the Joomla! Administrator Panel.

To add a new Form Field, press the "New" icon in the toolbar. To edit an existing Form Field, click on the Form Field's Name OR click the Form Field's checkbox and then click on the "Edit" icon in the toolbar.

If you need different forms, assign the Form Fields to different categories and create new contacts for these categories as well;


Details and Options/Parameters

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General Parameters / Options: