Component: Contact Enhanced

Contacts Enhanced is a contact component created to replace Joomla! core contacts component and add lots of advantages and new features (see list below) and it offers many plugins and modules for several different purposes, see package comparison below;

Now Contact Enhanced is also Compatible with MS SQL server and MySQL;

Compatibility:   Joomla! 2.5 Native
Joomla! 3.0 Ready
Component ext_plugin Module
Suport Site


Component + 2 Plugins


Lots of features (see list below)
Many integration options
Search and Content plugins


ALL CE Extensions


All Regular Features
All Plugins
All Modules (see list below)

HTML Templates

HTML Templates: Receive and send html emails; Templates are easy to customize and you can have a different HTML Template for each form;

Custom Fields

 Form Fields: Now you can have as many fields in your forms as you wish.
Available field types: Text, Multitext(textarea), SelectList, Checkbox, Radiobutton, and many more;



Captcha Image to prevent robots to fill the forms, in other words, to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer. Contact Enhanced can load reCaptcha OR SecurImage captcha libraries;

MapGoogle Maps integration with directions: Easily add a map to the contact page and allow your users to trace a route to your location;

 MailchimpNewsletter systems Integration: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and AcyMailing;

Google Spreadsheet integration: Auto saves the form data to Google spreadsheets;
Export: Forms are stored in the database and can also be exported to a CSV file;
Submit to another server: You can also submit the data to another server using Socket connection;

CodeCustom Code: You can add custom PHP, CSS and JavasScript code to any form; This allows you to create professional and very advanced forms;

Email checkerForm Validation: all forms are validated in the cliente-side, using MooTools javascript and in the server-side by PHP; Email validation: Contact Enhanced checks whether the provided email address is from a valid domain name, in order to avoid the user from mistyping and to avoid spammers as well;

Export Contact to vCard: Your users can download a vCard and import to their email clients;vCard

 QR Code QR Code integration: Auto generate QR Codes based on Contact information; Available formats: vCard, MECard, BizCard, MATMSG, MEBKM, Phone, SMS, URLTO, mailto, GeoCode;

User Information User Information: It will get your user's IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution; Whenever possible CE will also get the address based on the IP;


 Now you can have different set of Form Fields for each contact category!


Minimum requirements

  • Joomla 1.5.20 or newer (2.5 OR 3.x recommend).
  • PHP 5 or newer.
  • Disk Space: 7Mb. Full installation package has 2Mb and it uses almost 5Mb of disk space after install.

Package Comparison:

Extensions included in the packageRegularFull
Contact Enhanced Component
CE Content Plugin
CE Editor Button
CE Search plugin
CE Feedback  
Mailto2CE Plugin  
iSeKeywords Plugin  
CE Form Module  
Contact Slideshow Module  
Search Module  
Contact Category Module  
Latest Submitted Forms  
Contact Birthday Module  
Contact Creator - User plugin  
Cost U$27 U$39


Front-end Translation for Contact Enhanced

View ALL languages and Overall Translation progress

Form Fields Available

  • Text Field
  • CheckBox
  • Date
  • Date range
  • Free text
  • Hidden input
  • Multi-text (textarea)
  • Multiple File Upload
  • Number
  • Number Range Password
  • Radio Button
  • Select List
  • SQL (get data from your database)
  • Multiple SQL;
  • Campaign Monitor (newsletter integration);
  • AcyMailing Newsletter Integration;
  • MailChimp Newsletter Integration;
  • Advanced Form Fields
    • Javascript (add js code to the page);
    • CSS (add css code to the page);
    • PHP (add php code to the page);
  • Pagination: Allows you to create multi-step forms (only in 2.5 and newer);
  • Buttons: Allows to customize the submit button label/text (only in 2.5 and newer);

See the Form Field Documentation.

Change log:

New features in 3.3.1 (May/22/2014)

  • + Added new feature in calendar field. Now when you select the Minimum and Maximum dates it will display all months in that range in the select list.
  • + Added Option to Download vCard in CE Module;
  • + Added Updated Category and Categories Thumbnail view. Now using Bootstrap 2 (Joomla default) and Compatible with templates using Bootstrap 3;
  • # Fixed Validation errors when the language has single quotes in the strings OR line breaks;

New features in 3.3 (May/12/2014)

  • + Added option to copy a Form Field to another language
  • + Added warning when a field attribute is invalid;
  • # Fixed AcyMailing integration
  • # Fixed Date Field problem when the language has single quotes in the strings;

New features in 3.2.1 (April/01/2014)

  • + Added option to control the subject in the submitters copy email. It is in the Subject Form Field type under "Subject Parameters";
  • + Added Option to create (register) a user when creating a new contact.
  • + Added Option to avoid loading jQuery UI and Bootstrap Javascript libraries
  • + Added Department Contact field;
  • ^ CE Feedback plugin (included in the FULL version) was rewritten and now it uses CSS only, in other words, it no longer uses images;
  • # Fixed Multiple File Upload issue when there were two "Multiple File Upload" fields per page;
  • # Fixed issue with Map not loading correctly when using CE Content Plugin.

New features in 3.2 Stable (Feb/27/2014)

  • Custom Fields were renamed to Form Fields, in order to avoid confusion with the Custom Values and Extra Contact Fields;
  • Custom Values link (option to be used with the SQL Form Field) are now only visible when a SQL Form Field is created;
  • Extra Fields have been renamed to Extra Contact Detail Fields in order to be more meaningful;
  • Created new Recorded Fields Front-end menu item, to display submitted emails by the current logged in user;
  • The window to add the Content Plugin syntax is much more intuitive now;
  • New Department Contact detail;
  • Fixed issues with the Multiple File upload Form Field;
  • A new feature was implemented to inherit Form Fields from parent categories IF the current category does not have any Form Field;
  • You can now set Form Fields to be visible in the Recorded Messages List (back-end).

New features in 3.2 RC (Release Candidate) & 2.5.18 (Jan/12/2014)

  • ^ Tooltips are now using jQuery (in CE 3.2);
  • + Contact Enhanced Editor button Plugin is now visible in the front-end;
  • # Fixed Multiple Files upload Form Field in CE 3.2;

New features in 3.0.11 (BETA) & 2.5.17

  • + Added Cron plugin which will send emails to selected recipient with a summary of last emails sent;
  • + Added Placeholder option and dropped "overtext" support, so if you use MooTools OverText in CE for Joomla 3, please update your Form Fields in order to use Placeholders (CE for Joomla 3.x only); Placeholder is not available for all browsers, so there is an sripts that will imitate this behavior for older browsers;
  • + IP Based Location: Contact automatically tries to get user's location based on IP for a long time using Google GeoLocation script, however this did not seem very reliable, so now we are using another service <> that seems much more reliable. If you are using SSL this service will not be loaded (requires API key) and CE will try to get the Location using Google GeoLocation;
  • + Non-required custom fields now will display in the submitted email;
  • + VCard updated to version 4.0;
  • ^ Changed Sidebar width System in order to be compatible with Bootstrap responsive sites (CE for Joomla 3). IMPORTANT: If you use sidebar, please update the contact right after the update;
  • ^ Changed Radio and Checkbox multiple columns, so now it uses Bootstrap responsive features (CE for Joomla 3);
  • # Fixed VCard incompatibility with Google Chrome;
  • # Contact Enhanced was not passing Go Daddy's requirements to get the Protection Seal. It is now fixed;
  • # Fixed Multiple File Upload jQuery incompatibility;

New features in 3.0.10 & 2.5.16

  • + Added option to Search module to filter by country, state, city (drill down via ajax), category and position in CE for J! 3.1. Read more;
  • + Added Alpha Index Module;
  • + Added option to resize contact image;
  • + Added Compatibility with Bootstrap templates for the Multi column forms;
  • + Added Constant Contact Custom Field;
  • + Added Custom Code plugin. Now advanced users can create and easily execute custom php code onValidateContact and onAfterSendForm;
  • + Added option to export Recorded Messsages to a XML file;
  • ^ Started to port the javascripts in Contact Enhanced 3.0 to jQuery, but it is a time consuming task, so it will take a while for completion;
  • # Fixed iMask option;
  • # Fixed AcyMailing Newsletter Custom Field Synchronization/integration;
  • # Fixed MailChimp integration (last name (surname) was not being populated automatically);
  • # Fixed Router & Category Module;
  • # Fixed Contact Enhanced for Joomla 1.5 incompatibility with MooTools upgrade plugin.

New features in 3.0.8 & 2.5.15

  • + Added Option to display a shorter link for email and website in the Category view (list), thus saving horizontal space;
  • + Added option for the Contact Slideshow module to display custom icons and Extra fields;
  • + Added Extra Fields display options in Category and Category menu items, under Contact Display slider;
  • + Added compatibility for Person, Address, URL, telephone, Fax, Email, BirthDate and GeoLocation properties; Short video description:
  • + Added Compatibility with ConstantContact Newsletter service provider;
  • # Fixed CSV contact import tool (Joomla 3.x);
  • # Fixed image resize options in Contact Slideshow module;
  • # Fixed QR code image when added the plus sign (+) in phone numbers and added support for iPhone QR reader apps;
  • # Fixed reply-to issue when using with with multiple recipients;

New features in 3.0.7 & 2.5.14

  • + Added default category to Create Contact menu item options;
  • + Dashboard modules are now automatically enabled and published to the correct position;
  • + Added Front-end editing support for the 10 Extra Fields;
  • # Fixed Compatibility with Joomla 2.5.0;
  • # Fixed Chain select problem with Custom Field aliases;
  • # Fixed SecurImage Captcha issue;

New features in 3.0.6 & 2.5.13

  • + Added Birthday Module (for Joomla 2.5 and newer);
  • + Added Latest Submitted Forms module (for Joomla 2.5 and newer);
  • + Added SecurImage Joomla native Captcha plugin;
  • + Added Dashboard View in the backend with two modules:
    • + Added Latest Submitted Forms module for Dashboard
    • + Added Statistics module for Dashboard
  • + Added SecurImage Captcha plugin. Now compatible with all Joomla extensions  that uses Joomla core captcha plugins. ;
  • - Removed iCaptcha plugin;
  • # Fixed GMaps incompatibility with some templates that add the img{max-width:100%} css rule;
  • # Fixed incompatibility with K2 and JoomlArt's JAT3 Framework in Joomla 3.0;

New features in 3.0.5 & 2.5.12

  • + Added option to disable Email DNS Check (located under the Component Options -> Contact Form tab);
  • # Fixed: AcyMailing, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor were not integrated properly;
  • # Fixed: CE Search plugin, display all contacts;
  • # Fixed Minimum and Maximum dates for the Date Custom Field;
  • # Fixed: Category Module was not displaying any contacts;
  • # Fixed: 500 Error message when accessed the Custom Values in Joomla 3.0;# Fixed: 500 Error message when accessed the Custom Values in Joomla 3.0;

New features in 3.0.3 & 2.5.11

  • + Added: Contact Creator Plugin. When the plugin  is enabled all new users will also have a new contact created automatically. (available in the full version only);
  • + Added: Birthday added to Contact Information.
  • # Fixed: Datepicker not loading Spanish language;
  • # Fixed: Checkbox field not being added to email;

New features in 3.0.2 & 2.5.10

  • + Compatibility with MSSQL
  • + Updated MailChimp API to 1.3
  • + Botscout compatibility:
    • BotScout helps prevent automated web scripts, known as "bots", from registering on forums, polluting databases, spreading spam, and abusing forms on web sites. It does this by tracking the names, IPs, and email addresses that bots use and logging them as unique signatures for future reference;
  • + Added filter (search) options to the Contact Category view. The searchable fields can be defined in the component Options, under th Search Tab;
  • + Added Option in datepicker to change the first day of the calendar;
    • Changed default day to Sunday;
  • + Added Auto Slide for multi-paged forms when the next OR back button is clicked;
  • + Added Alias for custom fields, so now you can decide what the field's Name Attribute will be.
  • + Added SalesForce integration.
  • # Fixed redirection options in the module;

New features in 3.0.1 & 2.5.9

  • + Replaced calendar script for another one with many more options;
  • + Date and Date range fields were merged into only one field. After the upgrade you will need to replace the Date range Custom Field type for the Date Custom Field and set Enable Date range in the Custom Field Parameters;
  • + Added menu item type: Create a Contact; Now your users will be able to create a contact;
  • # Fixed overText (field label over fields) issue with Firefox;
  • # Fixed Open mail relay vulnerabilities reported by OSTLabs;

New features in 3.0.0

  • + Added Compatibility with Joomla 3.0 ;

New features in

  • + MailChimp Integration: Added option to hide groupings;
  • + Added new option In multiple files Custom Field in order to display how many remaining files the user can attached;
  • + Language files updated;
  • # Fixed incompatibility with Joomla 1.6 and 1.7: "Save & New";

New features in 2.5.8

  • # Fixed Campaign Monitor error;
  • # removed all deprecated DS constants;

New features in 2.5.7

  • + Added option to change the address format;
  • + Added option to hide the Extra Field's label;
  • + Now all phone numbers are linked when viewing the site from a mobile device;
  • # Fixed Google maps error in Opera;

New features in 2.5.6:

  • + Now the FreeText Custom Field can hold AdWords Tracker Javascript code;
  • + Added new Password Verification Custom Field;

New features in 2.5.5:

  • + Added Compatibility with Joomla's 2.5 core captcha plugin type;
  • + Added Options to CE Content Plugin;
  • + Added Batch Processing options (copy, move) for contacts;
  • + Added Batch Processing options for Custom Fields;
  • + Added Option to synchronize Contact Enhanced Custom Fields with AcyMailing Custom Fields on form submission;
  • + Added Option in CE Feedback plugin to disable for Mobile devices;
  • # Fixed Compatibility with Joomla 1.6 and 1.7;
  • # Fixed "Save Copy" option;
  • # Fixed validation script when the reset button was pressed. Now the errors are cleared when the reset is pressed;

New features in 2.5.2:

  • + Added option to display an Extra Field before the form (right after the Contact name);
  • + Added new Tooltip display option;
  • + Added option to edit the contact from the front-end, so users can edit their contact information if the contact is linked to the username;
  • + Added option to choose whether to use the contact's email address as the email sender OR to use the email address in Joomla's Global Configuration;
  • + Captcha plugin now allows reCaptcha custom translation;
  • # jUpgrade Migration script now fixes image path;
  • # Fixed problem when browser had cookies disabled;

New features in 2.5.1:

  • + Added option to display the Label "Website" instead of the website's URL (optional);
  • + Added option to the MultiText (textarea) Custom Field to limit the number of characters allowed;
  • + Added option to send a copy of the emails to an entire UserGroup;
  • + Added option to change the number of contacts to display in the Category view;
  • + Added compatibility with the new captcha plugin;
  • # Fixed Label; By default in new installations the Default label was mistakenly set to OverField;

New features in 2.5.0:

  • + Added option form=|no| to the Contact Enhanced content plugin, s now you can choose to hide the form when you embed the contact in an article;
  • + Added Content editor to the Custom Values Description field;
  • + Added new Category view called Thumbnails;
  • # Fixed Background color in QR code images;
  • # Fixed incompatibility with Sourcerer plugin;

New features in 1.7.2:

  • ^ Changed Chain Select List:
    • ^ Now it allows you to execute the SQL query even if the parent select list was not selected; SQL Example:
      • SELECT title AS text, id AS value FROM #__content WHERE (CHAR_LENGTH('{selectresult}') = 0) OR (id = '{selectresult}');
    • + Now there is a "loading gif" while the select lists is being populated. The Image can be changed in the CSS file, rule: .loading-chainselect;
  • + Added WYSIWYG Custom Field to Contact Enhanced for Joomla 1.7 (Joomla 1.5 already had this Custom Field);
  • + Added Tools menu item, which allows to import Contact and Categories from Joomla core Contacts component;
  • # BUG FIX:
    • # Blank labels after upgrade fixed;
    • # Missing default HTML templates on new installations;
    • # Captcha issue in Google Chrome fixed;

New features in 1.5.11:

  • ^ Changed Chain Select List:
    • ^ Now it allows you to execute the SQL query even if the parent select list was not selected; SQL Example:
      • SELECT title AS text, id AS value FROM #__content WHERE (CHAR_LENGTH('{selectresult}') = 0) OR (id = '{selectresult}');
    • + Now there is a "loading gif" while the select lists is being populated. The Image can be changed in the CSS file, rule: .loading-chainselect;

New features in 1.7.1 &

  • Compatibility with Custom Properties Plugin (Thanks to Andrea from;
  • Added GMaps option for users to change Travel mode. Available options are Driving, Bicycling and Walking
  • iCaptcha plugin now is compatible with;
  • Ability to add Option Groups to Select lists (1.7+);
  • Option to add labels over the text fields (1.7+);
  • Miscellaneous field can be placed in different places. Avaliable Options: after contact details and at the end of the page (1.7+);
  • Google SpreadSheets Integration (1.7+);

New features in 1.7:

  • Pagination: You can break a contact form into multiple pages. This will allow you to collect data in a contact form over multiple pages instead of all in one. See Documentation;
  • Javascript validation: Changed the Javascript validation (client side) to a better validation script with more options. These new options were added to the Text Custom Field type.
  • Category Module: Allows you to display a category of contacts. See Documentation article;
  • Icon Customization: Option to chnage the Skype, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn images from the back-end;
  • Button Customization: Now you can change the submit button text and opt for a reset button;
  • Import data from Contacts component: Now you can import all contacts and categories from Joomla core contacts component;
  • Integration via socket: Easy to configure socket integration;
  • GMaps new options:
    • Add link to Google Earth in GMaps Custom Field;
    • Disable the"get directions" slider in order to avoid problems with some templates;

New features in and 1.6.3:

  • + New Template options;
    Now you can also load only some custom fields using this syntax:
    {custom_fields:1,2,5,7,34} // Will add only the selected Custom Field ids
    {custom_fields} // will add all custom fields
  • Fixes:
    • # QR Code when pointing to an Extra Field;
    • # Author plugin (Joomla 1.5) incompatibility with the Recipient field;

New features in and 1.6.2:

  • + Javascript Custom Field;
  • + CSS Custom Field;
  • + PHP Custom Field;
  • + PHP, JS and CSS Custom Fields are integrated with the CodeMirror WYSIWYG Editor (included in Joomla 1.6+);
  • + QR Image Codes for vCard, email, site and phone number;
  • + CE Module for Joomla 1.6+ now can display Map and contact details;
  • Fixes:
    • # XHTML validation problem when there is no address information;
    • # GMaps Address Custom Field error when loading embedded in an article fixed;
    • # Radiobox field validation;
    • # Upload field javascript validation;

New features in and 1.6.1:

  • + Implement a HoneyPot spam fight feature (beta);
  • + Recipient Custom Field now allows chain select;
  • + Added Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn fields for Contacts;
  • + Contact Enhanced plugins are automatically enabled upon installation;
  • + Next Step feature which helps the user to configure the component (in 1.6.1).
  • + Added Search module and search display page (1.6.1 Full version only);

New features in and

  • + Added Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn fields for Contacts (Only in;
  • + Added option for the Date custom field in order to allow to change the date format;
  • + Added option to Recipient custom field to display recipients in checkbox style;
  • ^ Minor bugs fixed;

New features in

  • + Get user location based on IP address (where allowed by GMaps API);
  • + Better server side email validation. Now it will correctly check if the domain part of an email has an MX or A DNS record.
  • + The Full version now comes with the iSeKeywords plugin.
  • + Option in CE plugin to allow users to display the map when using the plugin; append map=|before_form| or map=|after_form|.
  • + Added more options and images to the CE Feedback plugin (available in the FULL package only);
  • + Added compatibility with a new plugin called iSeKeywords, to be released soon;
  • ^ minor bug fixes and CSS incompatibilities with Artisteer templates;

New features in

  • Added Password verification field;
  • Added double validation on the server side increasing security;
  • Added more options to the Username  Custom Field;
  • Added an option to the email custom field to validate the domain part of the email, which helps prevent Spams and user from mistyping their email addresses;
  • Added more features for the Map:
    • Option to hide Avoid Tolls;
    • Option to hide Avoid Highways;
    • Option to disable ScrollWheel Zooming;
    • Option to display the infoWindow (balloon) only if the user clicks on the marker;
  • Added IP Based Location to the user information;
  • Changed the registration option, so now it gives you more control for registration forms; Watch screencast.
  • Fixed: CSV export will no longer generate the SILK error when opening in MS Excel and it is better to visualize the columns;
  • Added free JCE plugin: Advanced links;
  • Custom Field type added to the Custom Field Manager;

New features in

  • New Mailto2CE plugin added (full version), which changes all email links to a link to a Contact Enhanced Form;
  • Easier to change GMaps Markers;
  • Better integration with CE Feedback plugin;
  • Maps can now be enabled/disabled for each contact form instead of globally only;
  • Added wrapper to Send and Reset buttons, to allow more styling options (requested by RocketTheme);
  • Module is present in the full package but will not be automatically enabled upon installation or upgrade;
  • Better integration with another systems: Field values can be passed to Contact Enhanced in the URL;
  • Browser and Operating System (OS) detection updated; Now Contact Enhanced will detect accurately* nearly every available system(including mobile phones browsers and OS); *Some browsers have the option to change it's name, so in this cases there is no way to be accurate;
  • Fixed Google Maps small javascript incompatibility;
  • Fixed SEF problem with the Categories view;
  • Fixed minor css compatibility with some templates;
  • Fixed HTML Tags are no longer stripped in the Contact Form;

New features in

  • New Custom Fields:
  • New Print Button in Contact Forms;
  • RocketTheme templates are now fully compatible with Contact Enhanced;
  • Some minor bug fixes en and enhancements;

New features in

  • Compatible with MooTools 1.2.x and old MooTools 1.11 and 1.12;
  • Google Maps directions;
  • More GMaps related options:
    • Easily display latitude and longitude of address;
    • You can add any text to the balloon using a contact extrafield .
    • Show GMaps and directions in a Modal (Lightbox style) window;
    • Using GMaps API version 3, which no longer requires an API key and was designed with Mobile devices in mind, therefore loads faster;
  • Recipient Custom Field no longer adds the email to the html source, which prevents SPAM bots from capturing these email addresses;
  • Javascript error message is nicely displayed if the submit button is pressed and there are some invalid fields;
  • Categories View; Now you can add a menu item to display all your categories or all categories and contacts;
  • More options to display the Custom Fields in multiple columns;
  • You can display the Contact Details inside the sidebar (Gmaps also);
  • Option to hide the email form from Public, or Registered users;
  • Add a custom field for an integration with Campaign Monitor (Newsletter);
  • Created a multiple SQL Custom Fields;
  • Many other small features;

New features in 1.5.7:

  • Google Maps integration: Now you can easily add a map to thecontact page;
  • Contacts Extra information fields: Now you are free to add morecontact information besides phone numbers and address;
  • Update System: To update Contact Enhanced is easier than ever, you don't have to uninstall the old version, just proceed like a regular install. The script will automatically overwrite the files and update the database.Although it has been tested it is always recommended to make a backup first;
  • Many small enhancements;
  • All reported bugs were fixed!

If you are upgrading from 1.5.6, please make sure that [Joomla]/administrator/components/com_contact_enhanced/configuration.php is writable; There is no need to uninstall the old version! :-)

New features in 1.5.6:

  • Record messages to database;
    • Spent several hours to increase security, specially to guarantee that malicious users will not be able to run or have access to uploaded files;
  • You can export all submitted forms to a CSV file;
  • Allow you to "tamper" with the data after submission, ideal if you need to export the data to another system;
  • Added ability to reply to message right from the webpage;
  • All Custom fields can be set to hidden, so you can edit in the back-end a custom field that is not visible in the front-end;
  • Added number validation and mask to text fields;

How to buy

With our automated payment and delivery process, you could be downloading and installing your new component in under five minutes! We use PayPal as our payment processor. It is one of the most preferred payment methods on the internet. You are not obligated to sign up with PayPal, so you can also just make a onetime purchase using your favorite creditcard.

Other features:

Thank you Messages:

Contact Enhanced Allows you to have 4 types of "Thank you Messages":

  1. Joomla Default (displaying the form)
  2. Javascript Alert (showing the form afterwards)
  3. Showing the sent message, or
  4. Showing a custom page;

Joom!Fish Compatibility:

  • Download the Content Element Files; (Right click to open the context menu and choose "Save link as" in Firefox or "Save target as" in Internet Explorer)
  • Unpack and upload to [Joomla]/administrator/components/com_joomfish/contentelements/
  • Note: Joomla 1.5 only because Joomla 2.5 has already native multi-language support.

FaLang Compatibility:

  • Download the Content Element Files; (Right click to open the context menu and choose "Save link as" in Firefox or "Save target as" in Internet Explorer)
  • Unpack and upload to [Joomla]/administrator/components/com_falang/contentelements/



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