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Ideal Store Locator Address Search Module displays a search box and allows users to search for zip codes or locations. This way you can display the search module on a different page of the Ideal Store Locator Plugin page. It will set the first result as the user's "home" location on the Ideal Store Locator map.

Usage instructions

  • It's included in the Contact Enhanced PRO package, you can download it from My Account » My Downloads page and it's automatically installed when you install Contact Enhanced PRO.
  • This module requires Ideal Store Locator Plugin to be installed and configured.
  • This module was designed especially for zip code search and we due to the amount of possible results in different countries, Google Maps API might show an incorrect result. In order to avoid that error use the Google Maps API Component Restriction for the country. The country must be passed as as a two character, ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 compatible country code. Let's say you need to search only within the Netherlands, then you'll have to add " componentRestrictions=|country:"NL"| " to the {istorelocator} shortcode, for example: {istorelocator height=|600| componentRestrictions=|country:'NL'| }
  • Now, you'll have to edit the module options. To access it go to Home Dashboard → Site → Modules and search for "Ideal Store Locator - Search".
  • The only required setting is the Link Type, where you have to choose where the Ideal Store Locator Plugin is published. It might be either an Article, Menu Item or a link. See screenshot below

Ideal Store Locator Address Search Module Settings 

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