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Removing image and name links in 'List First Level Categories'

6 months 1 week ago #24812 by tapiochre
I have attempted to create an override for the emove the links for contact images and their names when using a menu defined for List First Level Categories but have failed.

By editing the $item->link to be
$item->link ="#"

I can stop the links from opening the contact form but its not ideal.

I think I need to work on this entire block of code but I don;t know how.
$item->link = Route::_(ContactenchancedHelperRoute::getContactRoute($item->slug, $item->catid)); 					
if($this->params->get( 'show_contact_image' ) == '1' AND $item->image ){ $image = HTMLHelper::_('image', Uri::base(). $item->image, Text::sprintf('COM_CONTACTENHANCED_CONTACT_IMAGE_ALT',$item->name ), array('align' => 'middle', 'class'=> 'ce-contact-img-cat')); echo HTMLHelper::_('link',$item->link,$image, array('class'=>'category'.$this->params->get( 'pageclass_sfx' )) ); echo HTMLHelper::_('link',$item->link,$item->name, array('class'=>'category'.$this->params->get( 'pageclass_sfx' )) ); }elseif($this->params->get( 'show_contact_image','tooltip' ) == 'tooltip' AND $item->image){ $image = HTMLHelper::_('image', Uri::base(). $item->image, Text::sprintf('COM_CONTACTENHANCED_CONTACT_IMAGE_ALT',$item->name ), array('align' => 'middle', 'class'=> 'ce-contact-img-tooltip')); HTMLHelper::_('bootstrap.tooltip'); echo HTMLHelper::_('link',$item->link,$image, array('class'=>'hasTooltip category'.$this->params->get( 'pageclass_sfx' )) ); }else{ echo HTMLHelper::_('link',$item->link,$item->name, array('class'=>'category'.$this->params->get( 'pageclass_sfx' )) ); } ?>

Would you be able to quiclky advise what this needs to be to remove the links please?

Hope its not a killer!


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6 months 1 week ago #24813 by support
Dear Chris,

We've never had this request. If you don't want to show the Contact Form, you can disable the contact form only, so it will still display the link to the contact page, but without the contact form.

Customizations are out of the scope of our support, however I'll create a template html override for contacts_items.php so you can upload to

Best regards,

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