Contact Enhanced Documentation

Contact Enhanced uses the Google Maps API to show a map based on the contact address. If you have a Contact Enhanced PRO subscription you can also use the Ideal Store Locator plugin.


  • Google Maps directions: The Directions Search field is displayed inside the balloon (info window) and you can choose whether to display the directions before or after the map;
  • Easily display latitude and longitude of address;
  • Balloon (Info Window) content: By default the Contact's address and image are displayed in the balloon, but you can add any text to the balloon using a contact Extra Contact Field, including HTML .
  • Customize the Marker icon;
  • Choose a language: By default Google Maps API will use the Browser's language, but you can change it so it will display the current Joomla language OR you can manually set the Maps language;
  • Show/Hide Navigation Control;
  • Show/Hide Map Type Control;
  • Choose the default Map Type. Options: Roadmap, Satellite; Hybrid, Terrain;
  • Using GMaps API version 3, which was designed with Mobile devices in mind, therefore loads faster;
  • Customizable Map Style: As of version 3.3.7 of Contact Enhanced  and version 3 of the Google Maps API custom styles can now be applied to maps. This allows you to pick a style that matches the theme of their website.
    You can create your own style using the Google Styled Maps Wizard and copy the JSON code to this field OR use an existing map from


Example of Map using the Apple Maps Esque Custom Style from, Contact information as the balloon (Info Window) content and Latitude and Longitude of location;


Example of Map using the Subtle Grayscale Custom Style from and the Directions Search box inside the balloon (Info Window);


 Example of Map Directions using the default Google Maps style;


Administrator Configuration: To access go to Components → Contact Enhanced and click on the Options button on the right;


Watch Screencast for Joomla 1.5:


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